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Experience the mountains, experience in the mountains! Mountaineering, according to the dictionary: Sports or tourist activities in the mountains, from hiking to climbing in rock and ice. Our interpretation Mountaineering now has a tremendous variety of games to offer. But we limit ourselves to the original way of experiencing the entire alpine nature (from the highest peak to the deepest valley). This means that it is not the extremes that are in the foreground, but the encounter with nature in a very original way. Adventure mountaineering not power mountaineering is our motto. However, this does not mean abandoning attractive goals. On the contrary – we want to achieve high goals with a maximum of joy and without limiting our ability to perceive. Experiencing nature off the beaten track using your own body is the best way to find yourself and gain strength. Earth, water, weather together with human and animal form a unity. We want to experience them. Our implementation – The tour program


Adventure-rich ski tours in Vorarlberg’s mountains The Vorarlberg mountains offer something to all ski tourers. Beginners and experienced tour operators will find many opportunities. Some destinations offer a short tour for the afternoon, others take a long day and require very good physical condition. Some few tours can be shortened with the help of lifts. The guide is aimed at the classic ski tourers and also at the mountaineers who are on snow shoes, snowboard or Firngleiter. The suitability of the tours for the various sports equipment is always mentioned separately. Rudolf Mayerhofer describes in 70 chapters the climbs on 120 peaks (mountain, peak, Bühel, head, Köpfle, horn, wall), 28 passes (yoke, Jöchle, saddle, saddle, Furka, Fuorcla) and 13 huts. The conclusion is an attractive southern crossing of Vorarlberg. A short outline of the history of ski mountaineering and 10 descriptions of very personal mountain experiences complete the book.


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 The basic idea Especially the alpine nature offers manifold possibilities for families to experience together connecting experiences: bullet water bullet Canoeing on a mountain lake bullet Ride light white water in a canoe or rafting boat  bullet forest, meadow, rock bullet Through forests to the pastures and on to the summit  bullet mountain and valley (ravines) bullet From the mountain to the valley following the water (Watertrekking) bullet Crossing rivers and gorges on a rope bullet Joint climbing and hiking tours target group bullet Active families who want expert guidance. Accompanied by a mountain guide helps to get to know and expand your own boundaries. offer bullet adventure bullet 1 day in nature under expert guidance  bullet Experience Weekend bullet Friday about 15:00 to Sunday evening bullet Possible combinations (examples) bullet climbing + watertrekking bullet hike + overnight under the canopy  bullet Experience Week bullet Saturday from 19:00 to Saturday around 18:00 possible program (example) Sa. Arrive and relax bullet Sun. Climbing exercises bullet Mo. Trekking with Watertrekking (follow the river of the water) bullet Di. Creating your own rope garden with river crossing, zip-line and the like bullet Wed. Ascent with light climbs bullet Do./Fr. Exercises on the glacier and mountain tour Sa. Tour in canoe or rafting boat on a lake bullet Evenings: archery, adventure games etc.